Add New Admin - Expert/Admin

How To Add A New Person Page

When you click the “How To Add A New Person” button at the top right of the People page, the “Add New Person” page will open on which you can add a new person to your organization.

First and Last Name

These text fields are where you enter the new person’s first and last name. We must have a person’s first and last name, and a validated email address on the “Add New Person” page in order to put them in the system.

Email Address

In order for your people to access The Application, the people whom you set up in your organization must have a working email address. This email will become their username as well as where they receive their welcome email that introduces them to The Application and invites them to login.

If you try to add a new person with this text field blank, the page will instruct you to “Please fill out this field,” because it cannot operate without it.

Email Validation

To validate email addresses, our system checks the format of the email (allowed characters and logical email layout), as well as verifies that the email address is genuine. It does this by checking whether the domain name exists and has real email settings configured for that domain name.

Is my information private and secure?

All information you and your people share with us is strictly confidential. The email addresses that you share with us will only ever be used to greet your people and manage the person’s account. We will never share or sell any of you or your people’s information.

Preferred Pronouns

Words like “he/him, she/her, and they/them/their” are all little words used to take the place of a proper noun like someone’s name. Frequently, these substitutions indicate a person’s gender. Each person’s preferred pronoun choice will be respected and used across all of our wizards and reports. We have provided an option for people who prefer a neutral reference to their gender.

If you are unsure what to enter here, this text field can be left blank for a new person to enter once they follow the link you send them.

4 Letter Type

Unless you are a psychology professional who has performed your own assessment of a new person and know their 4 Letter Personality Type Code, then it is recommended that you leave this blank. Once a new person takes a wizard, their 4 Letter Type will be automatically added to their profile.

If you are a psychology professional who has performed your own assessment and found someone’s best fit, then you can enter it into their profile and generate reports without them taking a wizard from our system.

Organization Group

What is a group?

You can create groups to organize your people and cater to each group’s specific needs and goals. (doclink to Groups page)

What is Organization Group?

“Organization Group” is where you can assign new people to an already existing group. Click the down arrow to see an alphabetized list of groups that exist within your organization.

Read more about creating groups. (doclink to Grous - Create New Group)

What if I do not know what group to put someone in when I add them to the organization?

You do not have to add a person to a group when filling in the “Add New Person” page. There are two ways you can add the new person to a group at a later time.

  1. You can add people to groups from the Groups area. (doclink to groups adding people to groups)
  2. You can add people to groups from their People Profile Page. (doclink to people’s profile page)

Can people belong to more than one group?

Yes, people can belong to more than one group. However, you can only add a person to one group when you are using the “Add New Person” page.

To add a person to multiple groups, use the Group section. Read about that here. (doclink Groups - Add Member to Group)

Can I create a group within the “Add New Person” page?

No. You can only create groups within the Group section.

Make this person an Admin? Checkbox

Check this if you want this new person to be an Admin of your organization. Bear in mind, all Admins have the same access and control within your organization. They will be able to see everyone’s information and make executive changes just as you do.

What is an Admin?

An Admin has the authority to make changes to an organization and access all of the information in an organization.

(doclink to Admin in terminology)

Can I only make someone an Admin when I add them to my organization on the “Add New Person” page or can I do it at a later time?

You can always upgrade someone to Admin status at a later time within the Manage area. (doclink Admin area or Manage section)

Can I revoke someone’s Admin status?

Yes, there are two ways to do so and both must be done by someone with Admin access.

  1. You may do so from the persons profile page. (doclink)
  2. You may also do so from the organization manage page. (doclink)

Can someone I have given Admin access to revoke my admin authorization?

Yes. Be certain of whom you grant Admin authorization.

Submit Button

Once you fill in all of the text fields and click the blue “Submit” button, the page will refresh to a blank “Add New Person” page and the confirmation will appear, “Sweet! You added this person!”