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Jennifer Selby Long

Jennifer Selby Long

After 10 years in organizational development and learning & development, I started Selby Group to help leaders, teams, and companies thrive in a fast-changing world.

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Jennifer is also a thought leader who has been quoted in the New York Times, Univision, Fast Company, Information World, Dice, MSNBC, and the Bulletin of Psychological Type.

Recent articles include:
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She is the only management consultant featured in the ground-breaking book Engaging Resistance: How Ordinary People Successfully Champion Change, by San Francisco State University business professor Aaron Anderson.

Jennifer writes monthly on the topics of leadership, communication, human resources, and organizational strategy. She continues to be both intrigued and mortified that her LinkedIn post, “How to Handle an Ineffective Boss” was a runaway hit, with over 45,000 views.

After 10 years in organizational development and learning & development, I started Selby Group to help leaders, teams, and companies thrive in a fast-changing world. Though it wasn’t broadly accepted at the time, I could see that the long-worshiped approach of performance-driven leadership was beginning to crack. It simply didn’t mesh with changes in the culture and the shift to a global workforce. Ironically, it didn’t elicit the best performance, either.

This inspired a deep, ongoing study of how leaders can do both: get great results and build a dynamic, resilient, emotionally mature, inclusive and lasting organization. And it’s more relevant today than ever, as multiple crises and changes unsettle lives and businesses everywhere, and the remnants of old control-based leadership behaviors quickly fall apart in a world of remote and hybrid work.

Jennifer Selby Long, Founder of Selby Group, LLC, is an expert in accelerating strategic alignment, rapidly developing leadership capabilities, and transforming management teams. Her firm empowers successful leaders to dramatically improve organizational performance and skillfully overcome the challenges of growth and scale.

She has coached and developed over 3000 leaders and professionals, in organizations as diverse as Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Jennifer’s unique viewpoint is shaped by her broad and deep understanding of leadership, culture, learning, and organizational development, honed through her experience in industries as diverse as accounting, information technology, and consumer products.

She brings an engaging and high-energy approach to her leading-edge webinars and workshops, combining a wealth of knowledge, a high bar, compassion, and a touch of humor to create a memorable learning experience.

In her consulting practice, Jennifer integrates executive coaching, organizational development, and leadership development directly into her clients’ business strategies to achieve extraordinary results. Examples include:

Quintupled revenue in two years and successfully integrated a large and challenging acquisition at Cisco Systems.
Created strategic alignment at LinkedIn, dramatically reduced IT cost per employee while maintaining exceptional service levels, and achieved the rank of #1 in Computerworld’s prestigious Best Places to Work in IT competition for mid-sized companies and #6 for large companies.
Accelerated the implementation of a multi-million dollar ERP system while improving the organization’s capacity to swiftly and effectively lead and manage large-scale change for Barton Brands, now a division of the Sazerac Company.

Jennifer also serves on the Advisory Board for the Leadership Program at the UC-Berkeley Extension School of Business, Technology, and Engineering, where she was one of the highest rated instructors in the Extension program.

She obtained her Master of Arts degree in Speech Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition to her graduate degree, she is a Master Practitioner for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and previously served as President of the global professional association for professionals who use the MBTI in their work, the Association for Psychological Type